How a Handyman can Turn Under Stairs into Storage

Having a staircase in your storeyed home is not an option. You need the stairs to move from one part of the home to the other.

However, having a huge space beneath the stairs can be a huge waste especially if your home is not big enough. Here are some amazing tips on how the handyman can make the space beneath your stairs useful:

Install New Cabinets

Instead of leaving the space beneath the stairs empty, you can ask the handyman to install some beautiful cabinets. This will provide that extra storage space you need for your collections, children’s toys, or other possessions.

Turn it Into a Bar Cart Storage Area

If you’ve been having trouble getting the perfect storage for your bar cart, consider the space beneath the stairs. You will have more than enough space to store your bar necessities without interfering with the running of your home.

Build a Mini-Bar

Instead of storing a bar cart under the stairs, you can also use the space as your ar. The handyman will work in installing all the bar amenities you’ll need when enjoying your favorite drink.

Turn It Into a Guest Room

If you are finding trouble getting adequate accommodation for your guests, the space beneath the stairs will do. You can install a comfy bed and add some lighting to make the space homely for your guests.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars hiring hotel rooms for your guests or making home additions, the space beneath the stairs will do!

Turn it Into Your Pet Home

Do you have a pet in your home and you’ve been finding it difficult to find a comfortable space for him? Well, the space below the stairs will do! The handyman will create the right space for your pet to take a nap, eat, drink, and also get ample space for the litter box.

Turn It Into a Children’s Play Area

If you don’t have sufficient space in your backyard for your active kids to play, you can create a play area for them in the house. You can also create this space for those times when the weather outside will not allow the children to play outside.

Ogden Handyman

Transform It Into a Reading Area

For those times you need to read your favorite book or finish some office work with minimal disturbance, the reading area beneath the stairs will do. You can ask the handyman to install a small window as well to provide adequate lighting.

There is no limit to how well you can utilize the space below your stairs especially if you have the right handyman. He has handled hundreds or maybe thousands of similar projects in the past and will provide workable solutions for your home.

The solutions may look simple but will amount to huge savings in terms of space and resources. So why wait? Get in touch with your handyman now and turn that idle space under your stairs useful!